Truly Following Jesus

Am I Truly Following Jesus?This website was also built to function on propriety back-end.  I used this to create multi-level user access, allowing restricted areas to be created; similar to putting content behind a paywall. The challenges of this site included several redesigns, but ultimately we were able to settle on what the user wanted.

This site pleased the client immensely, as now he had an online media gallery of sorts to display his work and allow others to download it.  Distribution of his work at that point increased greatly and he was inspired to do several new works as a result of the traffic. (owner has let domain go)

The EQ Workshop

The EQ WorkshopThis client already had an existing web presence that he was not at all pleased with.  I took some key elements from the design that he liked and married it with a cleaner site. I also took him from a convoluted hosting situation to a more simpler one, allowing him more control over the content posted on his site. A big desire of his was a video gallery which I implemented for him as well.

The new and simpler web presence allowed the client’s users to find and download the videos and worksheets they need much faster.  As a result, he has been able to expand into several new market areas and continue to promote his workshop.

Graphic Work

The Significant Woman Graphic DesignGraphic Work for The Significant Woman

This is an example of some of the graphic work that I did for a non-profit.  This projects included a number of different responsibilities from color palette selection, look and feel adjustments, the opportunity to self publish a book through Quark and Adobe InDesign, generating original design content as well as working side by side with an out of house design firm. This was truly valuable experience and the clients were extremely pleased to be able to pass graphic work off to me.  They were able to save money by not hiring an out of house firm for every aspect of the project and they put that money to use on other projects. This allowed them to grow considerably and expand into other works.